Most polls are showing poor for more gun laws among the population. Bloomberg, being quick to capitalize on this tragedy, already has a poll he’s touting showing folks support gun control. You can find the results here. Again, we have nicely loaded questions like:

“Ban the sale of high-capacity ammunition magazines”

Why not say ban the sale of ammunition magazines holding more than ten rounds?

“Track bulk purchases of assault rifles, which have become the weapon of choice of Mexican drug”

Why not “Track bulk purchases of semi-automatic rifles with detachable magazines.” That’s question is so loaded the crap is leaking out.

“Prohibit anyone convicted of a misdemeanor sex crime from purchasing guns”

How many people are thinking child molesters and people peddling kiddy porn? That’s a felony pretty much everywhere. I have a friend who was once arrested for being topless on what she thought was a secluded beach. So you want her prohibited now? Some people got arrested for streaking in the 70s too. What about a guy that got busted for mooning a cop in college? These are misdemeanor sex offenses.

“Require all people buying ammunition to pass a criminal background check”

This is a new one. Does anyone seriously still argue that MAIG isn’t a gun control group?

9 Responses to “Polling”

  1. With regards to so called *sex crimes* having underage consensual sexual relations can be considered a sex crime, as well as *sexting*.

  2. Heather from AK says:

    Pissing in public is a sex crime now, too.

  3. Mark Steele says:


    Say what?!?!

  4. Shootin' Buddy says:

    “This is a new one. Does anyone seriously still argue that MAIG isn’t a gun control group?”

    Not new, just a rehash of ’68-’86. Remember you had to give your name, address to buy a box of .22s.

    Antis want to ban mail order ammo sales in a very bad way.

  5. Shootin’ Buddy:

    Didn’t the ammo registration type thing get scrapped because of the volume of the paperwork, and manageability?

  6. Sebastian says:

    I forgot about that… but I had no personal knowledge of the pre-FOPA years. I was 12 when FOPA passed.

  7. There are those who simply omit mention of MAIG at all.

    And its not gun control. It’s only “modest but important changes in gun laws and reporting practices”.

  8. Heather from AK says:


    In some states, at least. Can’t remember where, but I remember reading a story about it landing some dude on the registry. Ridiculous.

  9. Ian Argent says:

    Replace relieving yourself with exposing yourself. It happens when the Law wants to get some one. Same physical act, worse consequences