10 thoughts on ““Step Away From the Pump, Sir””

  1. “The appellate court rejected Antrum’s argument. “A law-abiding and prudent person would not conclude that he was free to drive across this state with an unlicensed handgun because he did not plan to leave his car,” the appellate court wrote.”

    Why not? That’s exactly what would have happened if the guy who just got released by Gov. Christie had never stepped out of his car while moving from another state.

  2. What a dummy. He says he knew his Florida permit was good in 29 states – that means 21 states he can’t carry. But he made no effort to determine which states he could carry.

    Dumber still, he didn’t just leave it in the car. Dumbest of all, he told the cop the truth – not that it probably would have made any difference.

    I’ve had my share of interaction with NJ police and have never been asked if I was armed – obviously the cop spotted the gun or had reason to suspect this guy.

  3. It’s a jobs program at this point, and seen as such in NJ. Sadly, the last time doing away with it came up, it turned out to be massively popular. I don’t understand it either. I grew up outside the state and can be in, filled, paid, and out before the pump jockey can meander his way towards me – and I don’t have to worry about him overfilling to “round off”.

    Second half – in NJ, a citzien deals with gun laws at his peril is a quote from a judge. Though – this guy, who was off the reservation for FOPA and perhaps ought to have at least looked up the rules for interstate travel and permit reciprocity, got 2 years probation when Brian Aitken, who had made every effort to comply with the law, got 7 years inside…

    I’d like to see him take the case federal and win – no idea how likely that would be, though.

  4. It may be a jobs program for New Jersey – but there are safety considerations (why, December 30 I had the auto shut off on a pump not shut off – I had to pay for the 10 gallons of gas that shot out onto the ground) – and well, even with this dumb rule New Jersey’s gas is still the cheapest on the East Coast (dare I say the country??)

  5. Not that NJ couldn’t do with a 2A lesson, but the guy was *attemtping* to pump his own gas at a station that was *closed*. I read it that the cop thought it was either a DUI or theft situation.

    Still, if the guy doesn’t understand his FL permit, and can’t tell the difference between an open and closed gas station, maybe it’s just Darwin at work.

  6. Countertop, what “safety considerations” are you referring to? Do you mean the auto shut off on the handle lever itself? If so, I thought most/all states have laws against leaving a pump unattended when pumping.

  7. To be fair, most closed gas stations do not shut off the pumps and the credit card readers. I have gotten gas at stations that were closed several times by simply putting my card in the pump.

  8. It’s no longer as dramatically cheaper as it was when I first moved here 20 years ago.

    Stupidity all around, IMHO. He was breaking an unjust law or two, one of which is on par with speeding. Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve pumped my own gas a time or two in NJ. never while packing heat, though.

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