SayUncle reports on this Reason article that shows GOA’s Larry Pratt backpedaling on his statement to Fox that indicated he did not support gun rights for permanent legal residents. He’s claiming he position was misstated. Except in the first comment over at Uncle’s, we have a response that indicates that was not the case.

This looks like a case of Pratt not expecting quite the backlash he did, and backpedaling.

8 thoughts on “Backpedaling”

  1. And by tomorrow we shall hear how Fox News is just an outlet for the NRA who pulled a Jedi Mind Trick on Larry and hacked the GOA Email system.

  2. I’m kinda curious what other rights Pratt thinks non-citizens don’t get.

    Can we just frisk them any ol’ time we want? Keep them from going to church? Force them to testify against themselves? Station troops in their hotel rooms?

  3. Pratt was on a local show this morning. He used his time rather than talk about gun rights, gun legislation, and self-defense, he used most of his time to Bash the NRA, and to Bash Congresswoman Giffords for “Not being a true supporter of the 2nd Amendment” and for “Supporting the Nancy Pelosi Agenda.”

    Everybody should resend their membership to that worthless group!

  4. Saddly not that I can find it. It was the Jeff Katz show on 1200 AM in Boston.

    I wish I could (and let me know if there’s anything I can do) I’d love to publicize this.

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