Illustrating the Difference

This columnist from the Palm Beach Post is disappointed that Florida is enforcing preemption about guns in Palm Beach County parks being legal:

Do you really think we’d be better off if all of us law-abiding citizens went about our business in public with guns at our sides?

Think of all the anger-management-challenged drivers you’ve encountered on I-95. Think of all the vile, racist comments that blossom in the commentary section under online local news stories.

Think of all the self-deputized patriots who’ve confused a virulent strain of bigotry with heroism.

Now put them at the picnic table next to you in the park. And give them guns.

No thanks. After years of living in South Florida, I’ve come to believe that the allegedly law-abiding citizens among us are as apt to be ticking time bombs as the guys looking to steal your wallet to feed a drug habit.

The statistics just don’t bear that out, but it shows the fundamental problem. I trust that ordinary people, under most circumstances, can generally be counted on not to be raging murderers. What contempt you must have of your fellow citizens to think this way? The logical conclusion to this, if you think about it, is that republicanism and democracy are a folly. We’d be better off with an enlightened few running things for the good of us all.

The system the founders set up is based on the idea that a population can have sufficient civic virtue to be capable of self-government. If you think about it, that’s really one of the fundamental intellectual foundations of our form of government. Does Frank Cerabino really agree with that? To reject that is to reject America.

3 thoughts on “Illustrating the Difference”

  1. I’m sick and tired of these imbecilic Leftists ascribing their own psychological maladies on the general population, only magnified a hundred times because they know that they alone are morally and intellectually superior to the vast majority of the human race. Arrogant douchebags like Mr. Cerabino (which ironically sounds a bit like “Carabino” which is where the word “Carbine” comes from) are the people who promote and empower totalitarian regimes of every stripe because they imagine it is superior people like themselves who run them. The sad truth is, people like Mr. Cerabino are EXACTLY the kind of people who end up overseeing government murder machines, and thus logically, they oppose private ownership of arms.

  2. Perhaps he’s originally from Wisconsin.

    I found out that “An armed society is a polite society” when I spen two miserable years living in Southwest Wisconsin. There are only two things to do in WI in the winter… One makes babies the other involves alcohol.

    Constant, vulgar loud mouth chest pounding-one up manship and not a lot of genuine friendly people,,, and that was in a rural republican area. The papers’ police report would read “Bar Fight”,”Bar Fight”, “Bar Fight”, “Bar Fight”…

    Here in PA I’ve almost always found bar patrons much more pleasant and friendly… Never know who’s carrying.

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