Joe Grace Looking To Run for City Council

Apparently he’s no longer heading up CeaseFire PA, apparently running against Councilman DiCicco’s record, which includes taking of a nearly half a million dollar retirement package and then not retiring. Gotta love Philly politicians. I’m glad Grace is done with CeaseFire PA. He was an effective leader for them, and a good spokesman, and with him moving on I suspect they will go back to being rudderless and impotent.

5 thoughts on “Joe Grace Looking To Run for City Council”

  1. This is the perfect opportunity to get back at him. Hardly anyone shows up to vote for the primary and this race is a 4 way free for all.

  2. Maybe true in a competitive district, but in Philadelphia, the primary is the general election, and voters understand it as such.

  3. That’s the way it is in all areas dominated by machine politics. Turnout is going to be really low 5-10% and it won’t take much to push him off the cliff. You can then declare a big victory.

  4. City council is a launching pad into the general assembly. I’d rather he stayed with ceasefire.

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