ATF Move Becoming Big News

Naturally, the mainstream media is just in love with this topic. First from the New York Times. Even the Dallas Morning News is jumping on board. Scripps is covering with the unbaised headline of “Gun lobby blocks efforts to stem border violence.”

This would be shaping up to be the ground we will do battle with our opponents. The question is, how do I feel about fighting on this ground? Very good. I can think of very few things that will drive your average NRA member and gun rights enthusiast into a seething rage than having ordinary folks’ gun purchases reported to the government because the Mexican Government can’t get its act together, and our government refuses to do anything about the border. In addition, ATF has no legal authority to do what they are requesting. It’s a blatant power grab, and one that will likely have congressional repercussions.

The media will hew and haw, but we’ll win this one, and we’ll have ammunition to use against the Administration come the 2012 elections.

2 thoughts on “ATF Move Becoming Big News”

  1. This sort of stuff is really starting to get to me. We had an article here earlier saying one of the gun dealer’s in my state was the biggest contributor to firearms being smuggled to Mexico.

    It claims “highest number of guns traced”, but they never say where the information comes from. Nothing like making things up to back up your point I guess?

  2. Also JP, “highest numbers of guns traced” does not mean that all of the guns were used to commit a crime. I’m willing to bet that a lot of those “traced” were done so when they were recovered as stolen property.

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