ABC Hatchet Job on Restaurant Carry

Apparently this includes the revelation that shooting from a holster is more difficult than carefully aiming your shots. This is also an argument for not allowing police to carry guns. But I forgot police have magical gun powers to anti-gunners that the rest of us can’t possibly have.

4 thoughts on “ABC Hatchet Job on Restaurant Carry”

  1. but would they be ok with people carrying hatchets?

    that’s only half-kidding. In the UK people drink too much and get all stabby, despite laws against knives and stabbing people. I say ban people in restaurants.

  2. Why are states like ours in PA left on their list? These states have specific laws allowing guns in bars, as opposed to those that don’t mention any?

  3. Okay, so they scare the people who stay up at night and watch TV. Who watches that kind of propaganda crap anyway?

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