Counter Protests

The Other Sebastian is getting his game on and counter protesting the anti-gun folk.  RealCo is a gun shop in Prince George’s County that’s a recent target of anti-gunners due to the number of guns recovered by police that trace back to it.  Hardly a shocker in a high crime county that borders a high crime city (where guns are illegal).

He also needs a bullhorn to counter the bullcrap, if anyone in the area can point him in the right direction.

2 thoughts on “Counter Protests”

  1. The Virginia Citizen’s Defense League (VCDL noted the “National Exercise Your Rights day” in their last email newsletter. They stated:

    27. August 28 is National Exercise Your Rights Day! Buy something!

    The gun blogging world is organizing this to counter Jesse Jackson’s
    national protest against guns.

    Links to blogs about National Exercise Your Rights Day:

    BTW, how will we know if our efforts at the sales counter were successful and effective?

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