Not Letting them Own the Field

Quite a counter protest was had in Maryland against Heeding God’s Call, Bryan Miller’s conjured up “faith group” that supports gun control. I thought the Armored Personnel Carrier was a nice touch. I know I’m normally perception sensitive, but sometimes you have to have some fun. As the photos show, as much as you might want folks to show up who don’t fit the stereotypes, a few will, and you can bet they are who the media is going to photograph.

5 thoughts on “Not Letting them Own the Field”

  1. That AFV looks to be smaller than a mid-size sedan, possibly only a little larger than my Smart.

    Just sayin’

    Oh, and while the guy standing on it might be obscuring anything sticking out of the turret, I kind of doubt it.

    That was good clean fun.

  2. I’m not sure I quite understand how banning weapons/tighter control/closing gun shops is “Heeding God’s Call.”

    Luke 22:36 Jesus says to sell your cloak and buy a sword if you don’t have one.

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