Article in Christian Science Monitor on Traver Nomination

This article in the Christian Science Monitor covers the controversy surrounding the nomination of Andrew Traver to head ATF. It included a link to John Richardson.

5 Responses to “Article in Christian Science Monitor on Traver Nomination”

  1. Sage Thrasher says:

    Obama seems not to have heard the results of the midterm election yet. It’s sad to see the president of the U.S. so politically inept.

    This is an interesting quote from the CSM: “Traver’s nomination by itself is a “way to improve [Obama’s] standing” among campaign donors who strongly favor gun control, he says.” Huh? The pro-gun control crowd is smaller & smaller (though still dangerous) these days. What was it–80% of the public agrees with the Heller decision?

    More proof that Obama is firmly trapped within the famous Oval Office Bubble.

  2. Mobo says:

    And I thought we were relatively safe until the second term…….

  3. Heather from AK says:

    “But Traver also has pluses as a nominee. He has a moving personal story about surviving a serious illness and returning to duty…”

    Good to know that our nominees are judged based on their “moving personal stories” rather than their qualifications…

  4. Link P says:

    They were doing so well, and then they trotted out the Mexican gun canard like it was fact. Even though their own article they linked to disputed the accuracy of the claim, the link failed to present that very real element of the lie.

  5. Sage Thrasher says:

    I re-read the article looking for it, but apparently the link between violence, gangs and prohibition–in this case of drugs–is too obscure for our politicians to notice. That, and of course the almost complete lack of legal access to firearms in Mexico for those citizens most at risk. Seems like a perfect storm–all of it politically created by Mexicans themselves, regardless of where the guns are coming from today or tomorrow.