Good News from the PA House

The Pennsylvania House Democrats gave the boot to Dwight Evans as ranking Democrat of the Appropriations Committee, and replaced him with NRA A-rated Democrat Joe Markosek. Our buddy Dwight sat on Castle Doctrine for quite some time, which prevented it from getting out of the House until quite late in the session. I’m glad to see the Pennsylvania Democrats gave him the boot. Even though the Dems will be in the minority in the next session, being Minority Chair is still a powerful position. This is a rebuke of Evans’ poor leadership in the House, and should be welcome news to Pennsylvania gun owners.

UPDATE: I should point out that the ranking Republican on Appropriations is D+ rated William Adolph, from Delaware County. It just goes to show that when it comes to the RKBA, politics in Pennsylvania doesn’t divide neatly by party. We have plenty of Democratic friends on this issue in Pennsylvania, along side plenty of less than stellar Republicans.

One Response to “Good News from the PA House”

  1. No more holding bills and budgets hostage for Evans. Now if only the voters in his district were smart enough to vote him out of office.