Compare and Contrast

This shows the difference between how gun people think versus how other people think better than anything I’ve seen in a long while. The article is in the local paper for Pottstown, Pennsylvania, about a recent shootout in one of their bad neighborhoods. One resident:

And how do you suppose we “take a stand”? They have guns!! We are supposed to depend on law enforcement for protection but there are just too many kids, punks, drug dealing slime balls in this town for them to keep up. My kids know if they hear a gunshot to get to the floor and then crawl to the middle of the house. Unfortunately I can’t move right now and that is the reality of a lot of people in this town. Until they get the drugs off the streets in this town the guns will stay out there and I for one can’t stand up to a gun.

To which I was thinking “So get yourself a gun, and start calling the cops on the drug dealers and gangs. If the cops won’t do anything start a community patrol to kick them off the corners.” Someone else commented:

You Pottstown people need to come out of your submissive shells, and turn the lights on , on these cockroaches. So what if they have guns. Outsmart them, arm yourselves, learn how to shoot. The more of these dirtballs that take a bullet in the skull by Joe citizen protecting himself, they will take the hint and vanish.

That’s a key difference. They want the government to fix the problem, and we value individual initiative.

8 Responses to “Compare and Contrast”

  1. dustydog says:

    I’ll bet the good citizens of Pottstown the cost of a Kimber that the shooters all had previous arrests for violent crimes.

    It’s one think to ask the police to catch criminals. It’s another thing to ask the police to catch criminals each time they commit a crime because your town wants the criminals released back onto the streets asap.

  2. Min says:

    Nightly Patrols of 3-5 people, both men and women, Just walking down the street with their legally owned shotguns slung over a shoulder.

    An hour a night of an equal group standing on a street corner, just watching.

    Happened in the 60s in The South, so we know a community CAN do it, but are they willing?

  3. The solution is so clear, it’s amazing more people don’t see it. It’s not an easy route to take, making the decision to arm oneself and having the courage to pull the trigger when there’s no other option, but then again, the right path usually isn’t the easy one.

  4. Mobo says:

    My family is from Pottsville. I find it hard to believe that there is a crime problem there. It’s economically depressed with an aging population, but has yet to see the demographic shift that usually goes along with criminal activity. Things will probably get worse as the older residents die off and get replaced with trashy ghetto people in search of cheap housing.

  5. Sebastian says:

    Pottstown, Mobo. There’s no crime in Pottsville because everyone is too busy drinking the Yuengling :)

  6. MJM says:

    Just watched “Death Wish 4” last night (during commercial breaks as Hannity interviewed President Bush) and I would recommend that movie to that poor neighborhood resident who just does not quite reason to that next conclusion. Just not quite. Almost there… I’d like to say to that resident, “Watch Charles Bronson and those neighborhood residents and make that last logical connection. GET A GUN!” But, Sebastian, I bet the residents are not reading your blog.

  7. scott in phx az says:

    of course we could just legalize drugs. then all the violence around the drug trade would go away.

    but oh, no, can’t have freedom when it comes to (some) drugs.

    remember prohibition in the 30’s, the violence surrounding the illegal sale of alcohol? same thing, legalize the drug, the violence will go away.

    in this case – “the war on (some) drugs” – is a cure worse than the disease.


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