NRA Amends its Complaint in Texas

Looks like they are adding themselves as an organization and another over eighteen but under twenty one plaintiff to the case where they are challenging restrictions on people 18-20 purchasing handguns.

2 Responses to “NRA Amends its Complaint in Texas”

  1. RRRoark says:

    What is wrong with Texas?
    Federal Immigration Policy?
    You can be in a track’s cupola behind a loaded Ma Deuce in indian country, but you can’t buy a personal handgun in Texas?
    That’s almost as stupid as drinking laws. Almost.
    If you’re old enough to vote and resiter for selective service, where do gummits (sic) get off restricting other “adult rights”?

  2. Matthew Carberry says:

    Two suits.

    The no-handgun purchase at 18-20 from a licensed dealer is the Federal lawsuit.

    The no-CHL license (or whatever Texas calls theirs) from 18-21 is the suit against the state law.