Sport Utility Rifles, MSR, Blah

Back before Sugarmann sold his epiphany on assault weapons to the gun control movement, we used to just call them rifles. Caleb points to a rant about just calling an AR and AR. I’ll add my two cents to the cause too. The need to do PC re-branding is a reaction to our opponents taking semi-automatic rifles and calling them assault weapons. Let’s just go back calling them rifles and be done with it.

8 thoughts on “Sport Utility Rifles, MSR, Blah”

  1. Why stop there, lets call every weapon with rifling a “hunting rifle”? Handgun – Hunting Rifle, AR15 – Hunting Rifle, NFA Machine gun – Hunting Rifle…

  2. Yeah but what if you can’t actually hunt with it?

    Forget the PC crapola, if the antis get scared when they hear about an AR, good, let them be afraid as their fear is a product of their ignorance.

  3. I refer to my ARs and 1911s as “single shots,” as in “they only shoot once each time I pull the trigger.”

  4. However we would do well to remember that before Patrick Purdy *we* were calling the assault rifles. In fact, before I learned what a true Sturmgewehr was I was calling battle rifles assault rifles. And I note that Mel Tappan used all three terms interchangeably in his _Survival Guns_.

  5. Hmmm, in all fairness, though, the Swiss called the service rifle they adopted in 1957 the Sturmgewehr 57 … despite it being a 13 pound monster that fired a round a bit more potent as I recall than 7.62 NATO (and Tappan considered its SG 510-4 7.62 NATO import version a “first class assault rifle”).

    Some people consider it to be more a machine rifle than a battle rifle, given the weight and the standard 24 round magazine. Compare to, e.g., the original 16 pound BAR.

  6. If we do that can we go back to just riding bicycles, instead of having to put on a Lycra and spandex suit, and wear special shoes?

  7. I heard that in China, they don’t call their food “Chinese food”. They just call it “food”.

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