Bitter and I spent the weekend dog watching for my aunt, which is about an hour away.  Got up early this morning to head to the IHMSA match, normally 15 minutes away from me, but from my aunt’s, an hour.  Weather was awful.  I managed to shoot one round of air pistol before the storm from hell came in and swamped us.

Needless to say, the match was canceled after that, and considering I had to fish for the animals through a few inches of water that had collected into puddles on the range, that was probably a good thing. I didn’t get to shoot smallbore before the rain out.

The storm that passed through seems to have caused some flooding in the area. There was some pretty impressive street flooding. The National Weather Service even had a tornado warning, but I haven’t heard whether anything touched down. Fun times.

One thought on “IHMSA Blues”

  1. At least you weren’t fishing your car out of the puddles. I went out after thestorm passed us and saw at least one car stalled out in water just below the body. I figure the bow wave got into the engine. Which is why I try and stay out of puddles of unknown depth and take it dead slow when I do have to go in. I was once a mustang that successfully traversed a 18″ deep and at least 20 foot long flooded chunk of road by the dead slow method. I know it was at least that deep because we got out and pushed the Lexus SUV that flooded and stalled behind us.. (Observer Highway in Hoboken under the NJ transit overpass in the mid nineties. I understand they’ve fixed that since then, but at the time, it was relatively obvious Hoboken had been an island on the Hudson)

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