What Shot Sestak up?

Local pundits are suggesting that it’s this commercial:

Folks, if all a left-wing Democrat has to do to win is put his foo foo dog in a commercial blaming Bush for the country’s problems, we’re totally screwed. I’d like to encourage everyone to get out there and do something for Pat Toomey. We need to win this. If Dems get another state wide win with an openly anti-Second Amendment candidate, it’s not going to stop with Joe Sestak.

6 Responses to “What Shot Sestak up?”

  1. Bram says:

    Only a liberal sissy would brag about owning that dog.

  2. Bitter says:

    Is it wrong that I want to see the dog rip up more of their stuff? Sorry, I know that’s bad. I just think it’s funny as the former owner of small adorable dogs that were taught to behave.

  3. Vince Lyons says:

    Watched some of the debate last night.

    Sestak was a moron, talked in an Al Gore-like fake empathic voice most of the time.

    Toomey should have steped on the neck of Sestak, but did not. Toomey blew an answer on the terrorist watch list/2nd A as far as I’m concerned in a fashion that suggested the Watch Lists should be used for background checks. You know, the list that if you’re own you don’t know how you got there and can’t find out how to correct it like happened to the deceased senator from Mass Ted Kennedy who was on the no-fly list.

  4. Sebastian says:

    I’ve been telling people that Sestak is the John Kerry of PA. He’s totally fake. I don’t get how he’s even polling within 10 points of Toomey.

    Part of the problem might be that Toomey himself isn’t the best candidate in the world. Remember this guy lost to Specter in a closed GOP primary.

  5. Jim W says:

    Are you guys fucking kidding me? How can you lose this one, in this environment?

  6. Sebastian says:

    I’m really hoping we aren’t Jim. Really hoping. My mind is boggled too.