Afraid to Get Into Competition?

Miguel takes a quote from Massad Ayoob.  Any time I’ve ever shot competitively, I’m generally in the middle of the pack. There’s probably better shooters out there than you, but there’s also probably worse shooters. If you are at the bottom of the pile, it probably means you’re shooting with top notch people, and can learn something.

2 Responses to “Afraid to Get Into Competition?”

  1. Miguel says:

    I recommend to listen to the podcast. The PorArms team do a great job (plus they are fun to listen) on describing what is to shoot IDPA but it applies to any shooting sport. One great point they make is that you get to hang around with good shooters and even the greatest in shooting as if they were regular Joes…which they are.

  2. Diomed says:

    I’m always in the bottom quarter.

    It’s because I suck.