A Strange New World

So I reported a few days ago on the Joe Manchin ad, where he’s shown shooting the cap and trade bill. Well, the GOP has apparently become worried that the Democrats, the wild, crazy gunslingers we all know them to be, are promoting a bad message when it comes to children being able to safely handle guns:

At the same time, Mike Stuart, chairman of the West Virginia Republican Party, chastised Manchin for not wearing safety gear when he fired the rifle.

“My children were watching,” Stuart said in a news release. “Where was his blaze orange clothing, his ear protection, his eye protection? … It is too bad the governor sent some very bad messages to the youth of West Virginia.”

Stuart believes Manchin should’ve been wearing orange clothing when taking aim at the cap-and-trade bill.

I’m not sure about the blaze orange. Who wears that shooting paper? Plus, as far as I know, there’s no season or bag limit for rent seeking, federal power grabbing bills. At least there shouldn’t be, since I’m pretty sure we can all agree that congressional bills have been responsible for significant depredation of the country.

This is a strange world we’re living in, folks. When the Democrats have become the wild gunslingers, and the GOP are the stodgy, “You better do that safely, lest my little Johnny start handling my guns with reckless abandon,” it’s hard to argue we haven’t completely won the culture war on the gun issue, at least in some parts of the country. I can only imagine the abject horror the Bradys must be feeling as they are watching all this go down.

7 thoughts on “A Strange New World”

  1. Strawman – children can’t vote. Ear and eye protection is a valid criticism, but orange? That’s just stupid, traditional, elitism and ruling-class snobbery, the Squire attempting to impose requirements. I guess it’s a good thing he’s not black, he did scare the White people.

    1. I don’t think the ear protection complaint is warranted at all. There’s no close up in his ear to know for sure whether he has plugs in or not. Like I said before, I know people who shoot often or are frequently around gun ranges who invest in the higher end hearing protection that fits in your ear much like a hearing aid.

  2. GOP should have gone after Manchin for NOT using an AR-15. Don’t go stodgy… up the ante instead!

  3. “gunslingers, and the GOP are the stodgy, “You better do that safely, less my little Johnny start handling my guns with reckless abandon,”

    lest my little Johnny. Lest, not less, OK?

  4. I think the only time I wear blaze orange is when I’m bird-hunting, and then only because the ONLY womens bird vest I could find was blaze orange. Men had lots of brown options, but not us girls!

  5. Sooooo……apparently, Stuart is such a poor teacher and bad parent that his children will become unsafe gun handlers because of one political commercial.

    Stuart better turn off the TV completely if his kids are THAT suggestible. They will probably become Democrats.

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