NRA-PVF Starting to Spend Money

Even the New York Times is saying a favorable word this year. The bill is going to be fifteen to twenty million this election cycle. One of the ads they are running is against Joe Sestak:

In a year that most people aren’t too concerned about guns, this ad doesn’t give it more than a passing mention. The messaging works out in Pennsylvania because we have pro-gun conservative Republicans running against anti-gun leafy Democrats, in both our major state-wide races. Dems here haven’t gotten the message that being anti-gun is uncool yet.

The great challenge this year is that everyone is worried about big government, deficits, spending, and the economy. A message that Joe Sestak is a wild-eyed gun grabber isn’t going to carry as much water as saying he’s an out of touch big government politician, who, by the way, doesn’t care much for your Second Amendment rights.

One Response to “NRA-PVF Starting to Spend Money”

  1. Bitter says:

    I really love the way they say, “The men and women of the National Rifle Association…” rather than the standard “The National Rifle Association…” To me, that stood out and really hits home on the idea that we’re your friends and neighbors. The NRA is people.