Pat Toomey Gets Formal NRA Endorsement

It was obviously expected, but now it is formally a done deal, and well deserved. It will also, hopefully, keep the pressure on Casey. This means, for EVCs, that we can direct our armies of volunteers to Toomey’s campaign for Senate. I jest about that a bit, but actually, despite the fact that the gun issue hasn’t gotten much play, I’ve gotten more people this year wanting to volunteer than any year previous. Hopefully we can really make an impression on the local political establishment this year when it comes to the gun vote.

I should also note that every person to contact Bitter in her district (which mostly covers Philly and some of Montgomery County) have been Philly cops, who can’t really get involved in campaigns, but care about the issue and wanted to know who to support. The ones that care enough to call are the ones who CeaseFire PA and the Brady folks will tell you are on their side.