8 thoughts on “Forces of Darkness”

  1. If we’re now the “Pro-gun Forces of Darkness” can our new slogan be “Come to the dark side… We have cookies!” We can even use a gun shaped cookie cutter!

    And everyone knows that nobody can resist an offering of free cookies!

    Well… except for those crazy people that don’t like cookies… don’t know what’s up with them.

  2. “Forces of Darkness” — Proudly turning out the lights on Violent Thugs everywhere.

    I could go with it.

  3. Kind of has an “Army of Darkness” ring to it. Cute.

    The funny thing is Bryan portrays us as the evil ones, which is a favoriet tactic of tyrants: When you are being evil, call the other side evil.

    Perhaps we could call Ceasefire NJ the “Force of Genocide.”

  4. #1, I’m amused that Bryan Miller is still around, and was able to clean himself up enough that the person writing the article didn’t mistake him for a random wino.

    #2. I’m amused that anybody actually heard him.

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