Righthaven’s Newest Target

In a somewhat ironic turn of events, Sharron Angle, Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate from Nevada, has become the latest Righthaven LLC target. I say ironic because Sherm Frederick, publisher of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, is reputed to be one of her biggest backers.

There is speculation that posts by liberal blogger and Reid supporter Steve Friess goaded Righthaven into filing the suit. Friess, who works for a sister publication of the rival Las Vegas Sun, had published instances of Angle’s campaign posting full articles from the LVRJ on her website.

Friends or enemies, rich or poor, Democrats or Republicans, they are all targets for “copyright-magnate” Steve Gibson.

2 Responses to “Righthaven’s Newest Target”

  1. harp1034 says:

    Steve Gibson is going to step on the wrong person’s toes one day. Not everyone is going to summit to his blackmail. I expect that one day he will have a fatal accident.

  2. Alpheus says:

    “Steve Gibson is going to step on the wrong person’s toes one day”…if he hasn’t already. (With all the lawsuits he’s initiated, it’s hard to tell!)