Hello, All!

I’m helping to fill in on Snowflakes in Hell while someone insists on vacationing in Hawai’i.  For those of you who don’t know me: I am Clayton Cramer.  I normally blog over at my own blog, so you will likely see some overlap while I filling in.

It took a while for me to get started on guestblogging because I was:

1. Finishing a State & Local Government class in the summer term at one technical institute.

2. Starting first semester U.S. History class in the fall term at College of Western Idaho.

The overlap of a week was a bit much.

4 thoughts on “Hello, All!”

  1. Absolutely. I never took State & Local Government or U.S. Constitution when I was an undergrad. For some reason, I was able to successfully challenge both classes.

  2. I don’t teach politics or government, but when I get a chance to ask, most undergrads can’t name the three branches of government, or why there are three branches, or where the government even gets the authority to do what it does.

    But they sure as hell know great details about Lindsay Lohan’s personal life.

    So challenge them … yeah. I am sure. Keep up the good work.

  3. “So challenge them … yeah. I am sure. Keep up the good work.”

    I was referring to the procedure for skipping taking these required classes. There was a challenge exam you had to pass to get credit for those classes.

    And yes, Lindsay Lohan is far more important than the government, right?

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