One Month Left on Summer Rifle Match

We’re down to one month on the Summer Rifle Match for the Gun Blog Rifles Competition Series.  I haven’t yet gotten any entries, but that’s OK, since I figured everyone else was waiting until the last minute like I am, though I am going to try to shoot both smallbore and high-power, both open sights, when I get back from North Carolina.

4 thoughts on “One Month Left on Summer Rifle Match”

  1. “I haven’t yet gotten any entries”

    Did you not get mine from last weekend? (I sent it to the gunblogrifles account, though I might have dorked up the non-spam-to-normal email adjustment)

  2. I’ve shot it but haven’t sent it yet. Had planned to shoot it again right after Labor Day but I had a little tailbone+river rock situation and, er, the sitting position and prone positions are currently unavailable to me. At least, if I can’t get it shot again I’ve still got a couple warm-ups to send in.

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