One Month Left on Summer Rifle Match

We’re down to one month on the Summer Rifle Match for the Gun Blog Rifles Competition Series.  I haven’t yet gotten any entries, but that’s OK, since I figured everyone else was waiting until the last minute like I am, though I am going to try to shoot both smallbore and high-power, both open sights, when I get back from North Carolina.

4 Responses to “One Month Left on Summer Rifle Match”

  1. AughtSix says:

    “I haven’t yet gotten any entries”

    Did you not get mine from last weekend? (I sent it to the gunblogrifles account, though I might have dorked up the non-spam-to-normal email adjustment)

  2. Sebastian says:

    Let me check. I only check that account on my iPhone.

  3. BillH says:

    I’ve shot it but haven’t sent it yet. Had planned to shoot it again right after Labor Day but I had a little tailbone+river rock situation and, er, the sitting position and prone positions are currently unavailable to me. At least, if I can’t get it shot again I’ve still got a couple warm-ups to send in.

  4. J T Bolt says:

    Working on securing an area where I shoot OTHER than snadbagged on a bench.