Harry Must Really Not Want that Endorsement

It would have been nearly impossible politically for Harry Reid to have voted “no” on Kagan, but come on Harry, we’re not this stupid. You can put a bow on the turd, but that doesn’t make it smell any better.

7 Responses to “Harry Must Really Not Want that Endorsement”

  1. Papa Foxtrot says:

    “…but come on Harry, we’re not this stupid.”

    I’m fairly certain that he believes we are…

  2. Sebastian says:

    He’s looking for cover on the vote, and knows Kagan won’t have the opportunity to prove him wrong before November.

  3. Sebastian says:

    The upside is that Reid will probably be wiling to pass more pro-gun bills to show NRA he really is their guy, and also to give cover to all the other Dems who voted “yes” on her.

    There might be a very real chance of sending ATF reform to Obama if we can get Pelosi to play along in the House.

  4. Papa Foxtrot says:

    “He’s looking for cover on the vote…”

    I’m sure of that, but I’m doubting that he’ll need it. Unless something breaks between now and November, I’m betting the NRA gets its wish and Dinghy returns to the Senate. Looks like McCain will too – birds of a feather…

    Maybe I’m a pessimist, but I have full confidence in the GOP’s ability to blow a great opportunity. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if November’s Republican Tsunami turns out to be a 3 foot swell….

  5. Papa Foxtrot says:

    “There might be a very real chance of sending ATF reform to Obama if we can get Pelosi to play along in the House.”

    My overall pessimism notwithstanding, the GOP will need to screw up big time not to retake the House. With luck, Pelosi’s gone and we’re looking at a GOP Speaker. Wether or not that person is 2A friendly is another thing entirely…

  6. Papa Foxtrot says:

    Actually, come to think of it – Dinghy returning as SML combined with a GOP House may be a best case scenario for both conservatives and 2A proponents. It would restore a “healthy tension” between the two chambers. Rosy scenarios from Dick Morris and Carl Rove to the contrary, I don’t place much stock in predictions that the GOP can take both houses this fall.

    Without a veto proof majority tho’, I doubt meaningful ATF reform would get past Pres. Hussein’s veto pen…

  7. Bram says:

    There is a tidal wave coming that is going to wash away Harry and Nancy. I’m stunned that the U.S. Congress just blew another $26 Billion to bail out Democratic states. Can’t wait to see Harry try to explain that one in Nevada.