More Tree Huggers Pushing Lead Ammo Bans

Apparently the Center for Biological Diversity and the American Bird Conservancy are pressuring EPA to institute a nationwide ban on lead ammunition. If this is such an “incontrovertible fact” then how come California Condors aren’t showing any drop in their lead levels after California instituted such a ban.

4 thoughts on “More Tree Huggers Pushing Lead Ammo Bans”

  1. Simply a plan to make the cost of ammo skyrocket (copper bullets are expensive!) and get people to give up shooting and hunting due to cost. I’ve yet to see one legitimate study on an animal finding a lead bullet in the wild or a dead carcass and dying from eating it…PUHLEASE!!!
    I suppose lead fishing sinkers and jigs would be next if these lunatics could get lead ammo banned. It’s just too bad these freaks will never stop, it’s all too easy to convince the sheeple of this country how “EVIL” lead is…sigh.

  2. “Toxic” ammo ban + “armor piercing” ammo ban = ammo ban.

    The success or failure of previous bans in wetlands notwithstanding, I severely doubt ‘lead fragments in the bodies of animals shot with lead bullets or lead pellets are “a serious source of lead exposure to scavenging animals” and a health risk to humans who eat hunters kills.’

  3. Well, we’ve already got an element that is required for living things to survive considered as a “polutant”. We can rest assured that they will ignore any facts showing that lead isn’t a problem.

  4. “Toxic” ammo ban + “armor piercing” ammo ban = ammo ban.

    Exactly. Non-lead core ammo is “restricted” in Virgina, meaning it’s not illegal, but if you use it in the commission of a crime – any crime, even a misdemeanor – it’s a felony. Meaning a separate felony, in addition to whatever the original crime itself was. Also, “use” in the context of that law is not defined – merely having it in the gun might be considered “use”, even if the crime is nothing more than accidentally carrying a firearm someplace you’re not allowed to have it.

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