You know it’s going to be a doozie …

when a rant from a prominent anti-gun group starts out like this:

The National Rifle Association has long perpetuated the myth that Americans are under grave danger from hardened criminals who want to steal their property and exterminate their families.

Yeah, just the other night Wayne came crawling through an open window just to remind me people are out to kill my family, and I should check my gun just in case it’s a real predator.. And naturally, no tale about gun owners would be complete without the anti-gunners mentioning our patron saint, according to them, Timothy McVeigh.

Faced with a movement that is at death’s door, all they have left is anger and lashing out. I almost feel sorry for them. I also really think this passage is fun:

According to the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report, only 87 Americans were murdered during burglaries in 2008, despite the fact that only one out of every three American households now has a firearm.

Think maybe those two things might have something to do with each other? Could be, since the US has a much lower rate of burglary while the homeowner is home than most of the rest of the world.

12 thoughts on “You know it’s going to be a doozie …”

  1. wait, so ONLY 1/3 of households have a gun? ONLY??? That seems like a pretty big number.

  2. It seems even stupid criminals choose not to play Russian Roulette with a 1/3 chance of “success.”

  3. Also, that number killed during a burglary could be erroneous. It all depends on how the local PD reports the crime to the FBI. A lot of departments will only record the most serious crime. So, if someone breaks in, kills someone, and steals someone. They will only report it as a murder. This is a way of keeping the crime numbers down (which the politicians in charge want as low as possible).

  4. Well what do you expect from Josh Horwitz/Grits Jr.? Even w/ Joyce Funding, they’ve been relegated to, at best, ‘C’ level bloggers who have to result to sock puppetry to get any support. It’s got to play w/ their mental stability a bit.

  5. Only 83 Murders during a Burglary but more than 10 times as many Murders (924) during a Robbery. With all theft related Murders (1046) amounting to almost half of all Felony related murders (2,101 with 477 not specified), I think the statistics make the opposite point the one the author is trying to twist them into making.

  6. Jared: Clearly, carrying is more important to one’s personal safety than having a gun ready to hand in one’s home! Um, don’t look for Josh & Co to be mentioning that.

  7. “…only 87 Americans were murdered during burglaries…”

    So is the implication that being murdered is the only crime worthy of consideration for being prevented with a gun? Apparently being raped, beaten, looted, or having your children kidnapped are things you should not worry about, you’ll get over those, right?

  8. Out of 304,059,724, only 87 were murdered during burglaries in 2008? I bet they wish they had brought a gun like the live “lunatic” next door.

  9. IIRC, burglary is usually the B&E of an unoccupied structure while robbery is when someone is present.

    So, how many times is a person murdered in an unoccupied building?

  10. Kharn,

    In Idaho, when you enter a store with the intent of stealing, the charge is felony burglary. Don’t shoplift in Idaho. You can wind up doing 1 to 10 in the state pen, and receive all the other benefits that accompany a felony conviction.

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