Quote of the Day

From SayUncle on the whole Brady and VPC lines regarding the unstable nature of people filing for bankruptcy:

Of course, I guess they’d both know a bit about the mindset of someone facing bankruptcy.

Is someone keeping an eye on Paul and Josh for signs of depression? Better check their offices for sharp letter openers and heavy blunt objects. Lest they do something rash.

4 thoughts on “Quote of the Day”

  1. I was functionally broke for the three years but dug through it. Depressing? Yup. Did I slam a door too hard once in a while? Yup. Shoot anyone? No, and no thought of it. People depended on me (inclding me) to keep my head and keep working.

    Bankruptcy is hardly the only reason or key reason people turn weapons on themselves and others.

  2. Do something rash like getting an honest job instead of being amoral lamprey dining on the blood of the innocent via liberal tyrants? That I would support. Maybe then they might learn something about their fellow humans.

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