Pro-Gun Democrats Looking for a Boost

Fox News (as has been documented on a gun blog somewhere, but I lost where I got this from, so I owe someone a hat tip) is noting that Democrats are hoping for a big NRA boost this year. If you want to know why even Chucky Shumer isn’t contesting the NRA exemption, this is why. The article notes that during 2002, NRA only spent 8% of its federal campaign contributions on Democrats. this year it’s 26%.

7 thoughts on “Pro-Gun Democrats Looking for a Boost”

  1. Sebastian,

    I ask, because I don’t know myself, but are there any Democrats who are pro-2A enough to sponsor legislation (or an amendment) to repeal Hughes?

    ‘Cuz you know, only Nixon could go to China ….

  2. No… but there are no Republicans that pro-gun either. For the foreseeable future machine gun laws aren’t going to change substantially. I doubt you’ll ever see a total end to Hughes, but we might be able to poke enough holes in it that people who want a machine gun can get one. It just might add more hoops to jump through.

  3. I should correct… I think Ron Paul may have introduced a bill. But to introduce a bill that actually might move? No.

  4. ‘Carolyn, if the NRA comes against a bill, I gotta vote with the NRA.’ They’re not going to take that chance. I understand that,” said McCarthy of her Democratic colleagues. “Does it bother me? Of course, it bothers me because I’m not trying to take away anyone’s right to own a gun.”

    Really Carolyn? You would be MORE than happy to take away my right to own AR-15’s you lying liberal scumbag!
    By reading the comments on the FOX NEWS page the NRA may want to re-think supporting Reid…just sayin.

  5. @ Shawn

    The biggest threat I would see aside from his appointing yet another anti gun judge would be this possibility about Dear Leader in his second term. Without having to worry about running for office again he just might feel his oats enough to do a full court press on gun control, and I don’t really trust pro gun Democrats to not roll over like a bitch if that happens.
    Even if that is unlikely I suspect he could do some damage with executive orders, as I recall Bush I did with Chinese imports. We get a lot of good guns and ammo from overseas sources, and if I were a rabidly anti gun douchebag sitting in the oval office, that would seem to me a logical avenue to attack.

    All that aside, and back to the main point. I have a hard time trusting them because they agree with most everything else the current administration does, and if push really came to shove I suspect they would trade gun rights in order to go along with the rest of the party platform.
    Sweeping generalization? Yep. Prejudiced? Maybe. Paranoid? Possibly. Just call me Burt Gummer then. :)

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