Public Shooting Range Incident

Funny, I was just talking about this topic, but a person was found dead at one of the PA Game Commission public ranges in Cumberland County. Of course, there’s a great irony in this:

The man killed at a Cumberland County gun range Wednesday was a personal injury lawyer.

At first I thought it was one of the Cletii that Tam mentioned probably did him, and decided fleeing was the wise, if not ethical move. But other stories are calling it a homicide, since it’s unlikely he was shot accidentally multiple times. My guess would be robbery was the motive, since it would seem guns were missing. From yet another article:

Freed also said there was another crime on this rifle range earlier this month when a gun was stolen.

“Anybody who is going out to a gun range needs to take extra care cause we at least know that there’s somebody out there who was willing to steal a gun, and apparently somebody out there who was willing to shoot somebody today,” Freed said.

“Whether those acts are related, i can’t say, but it certainly is reason to take extra care,” he added.

It’s quite possible someone who has no regard for human life figures there’s not much risk on shooting a lone person out in the middle of nowhere to steal his firearms. Not much of a chance of getting caught. Be careful out there.

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