Post McDonald Gun Boom

I believe it will happen. DC only has half a million people, and options for getting a legal gun are still pretty thin. Chicago and the surrounding communities that once banned guns are closer to 4 million, and gun shops, while not present in the city, are still accessible. Chicagoans who want a legal gun have more options now than DC residents do.

4 Responses to “Post McDonald Gun Boom”

  1. beatbox says:

    Here is the irony of the DC gun law. Because of the last round of spite provisions, I will now have to pay $150-$200, rent a car, drive to Maryland to take a 5 hour course on how to fire a handgun….just to keep my shotguns registered.

    Since I have to take the course anyways, I figure I might as well just buy a handgun.

  2. One of the women says:

    So, is it a good time to by stock in gun companies?

  3. NukemJim says:

    ” Chicagoans who want a legal gun have more options now than DC residents do.”

    Nobody that I have talked to in Chicago is interested in registering the guns they now own.

    Of course with a 4 hour class and a 1 hour range test (which nobody seems to know what is actually required), w a 5 -6 months wait before they can process the paperwork, the exorbitant fees, and a banned list that will not allow many if not most of the guns that are currently in Chicago, I would not hold my breath on a large number of applications.

    As always I could be wrong.


  4. Sebastian says:

    It wouldn’t take a very large number to cause a noticeable uptick in business for nearby FFLs. Some people will keep engaging in civil disobedience, no doubt, but there will be some people who will jump through the hoops.