12 thoughts on “Reid Polling Ahead of Angle”

  1. …and real bad for all the other rights.

    There’s a long way to go on this one.

  2. In this case; and unfortunately for Angle – we’re not comparing Reid to Angle, we have to compare Reid to Chucky Schumer. It only matters to elect Angle if she will be the 51st R senator, and that has the same chance as the title of this blog…

  3. I think I see it more as the EPA (GOA) fighting the dutch oil-recovery ship (Reid) because it isn’t clean enough (isn’t idealogically perfect).

    We got into this mess because enough folks stayed home rather than vote for the lesser of 2 evils. In this case Senate Majority Leader Reid is the lesser evil.

  4. Don’t worry about Mike, Ian. He’s not interested in voting for the lesser evils, or dirtying his hands in such a manner. He’ll just sit where he is and continue to preach preparing to shoot the bastards rather than help make things better through the democratic process.

    I forgot, there’s also petty vandalism to fall back on.

  5. Oh, I know that – I just wanted to get the comparison of the EPA vs GOA on the perfection vs effectiveness in for people who can be swayed.

  6. “Lesser of Two Evils”?!! What is less evil than Harry Reid?

    What Harry Reid has done over the past 4 years is a monstrous evil. He and his compatriots have done incredible harm to our Republic. Spending and borrowing including two failed stimulus bills that have put my children into a life time of debt. Insulting and denigrating our troops – and predicting their defeat. A federal takeover of the Healthcare industry. Next up – the taxes to pay for it all. I wouldn’t be so happy with old Harry as I’m paying VAT taxes on guns and ammo.

    Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer doesn’t scare me for several reasons.
    1. The Republicans are taking the House.
    2. Schumer is less competent and more divisive than Reid – and he will lose what is left of the Blue-Dogs if he moves on guns.
    3. If it really is Schumer with a 50-50 Senate, he will accomplish nothing without compromise and if he pushed too hard, a Blue-Dog or two will flip parties.

  7. I would not characterize either Schumer or Durbin as incompetent. Schumer is the reason national reciprocity got defeated, and he knew how to play it. I agree the Senate Dems won’t accomplish much after November, but with Reid at least we could push through some pro-gun legislation, if nothing else. Even on the other things I still think Reid will be more likely to play ball than the other two.

  8. Given that there are Dems who have been far more hostile to RKBA *and* have voted for evrything coming down the tube from 1600 PA Ave NW; I think that the “more evil” question is suitably answered.

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