How We Win

Even impartial observers are noting that we dominate the Internets:

Last week’s Second Amendment ruling limiting cities’ and states’ ability to prohibit gun ownership split the Supreme Court by a 5-4 margin along conservative-liberal lines. But there was no such divide in the blogosphere where gun rights supporters dominated, applauding the ruling as a victory for both gun owners and the Constitution. Many of them also connected the split decision to Obama’s nomination of Elena Kagan, expressing fear that the president would be able to tip the Court’s makeup and reverse similar rulings in the future.

Gun control advocates opposing the decision seemed almost completely absent from the online conversation.

There’s never been any serious grass roots opposition for us. Most of what we’ve seen come and go online have been jokers or hacks. The fact that there’s never been any grass roots passion for gun control has been one of the major reasons we’ve been a able to make progress on this  issue.

4 thoughts on “How We Win”

  1. That’s somewhat surprising considering that a liberal icon invented the Internets in the first place…

  2. Also notice that whenever possible, they disable or screen comments to hide how small their numbers really are.

  3. IMHO, the reason there’s never been any real grassroots effort on the gun control front is because most people, including those would like to see more gun control, have always believed there’s a basic right to self-defense. For liberals, the 2nd Amendment is a sticky subject, because it does have the same importance as all of the other civil rights they so loudly support, and with Heller and now McDonald, that point was affirmed.

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