I will get to Justice Thomas’ concurring opinion in a minute, which is the only opinion based on Privileges or Immunities of the majority, as well as the two dissenting opinions in the case a bit later. But first some reactions. I think Jacob had the money quite earlier when he said, “Who will have the most outrageous outburst? Daley, Bloomberg or Meano?” Well, Bloomberg’s statement is here, in which he declares victory in McDonald. This reflects the opinion of the Brady Campaign, who are also declaring victory. Doesn’t look like Daley has commented yet, and neither has Menino, so I guess Bloomberg gets the win!

Josh Sugarmann, head of the Violence Policy Center, to his credit, at least has the ability to call a spade a spade and show they understand who won. Give the Bradys lemons they’ll make lemonade. Give Josh lemons he’ll just get more sour. VPC’s official statement is very much them, and can basically be summed up as “The gun lobby won, so now everyone is going to die!!!”

On our side, The Tribune notes that residents they asked were pleased about the decision. NSSF is pleased, no doubt, if you ask Josh, so they can continue to produce their baby killing bullet hoses and sell them to criminals. Also see this release from the Attorney General of Texas, Greg Abbott, who filed a brief in this case along with 38 other states’ attorneys general. SAF has every right to be proud of their accomplishment in this case as well, being the main backers of Alan Gura’s efforts on behalf of gun rights. NRA has issued two statements, one by Wayne LaPierre, and the other by ILA, noting they are pleased with the results in the case. ISRA, who was a party to the case, reaction is “utter delight.”

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