Microstamping in New York

Jacob reports that arms are being twisted on the Microstamping bill in New York State, and that the sponsor is still trying to get it up again for a vote. It’s down, but not out.

3 Responses to “Microstamping in New York”

  1. Matt Walker says:

    How about this. If this is such a great idea to microstamp the firing pins of guns, let the legislators try the idea out on their state cops. After all, cops are suppose to account for every shot fired anyway. If after a year or two of the test, if no untoward incidences occur, or any cop gets killed, maybe the citizenry will consider it.

  2. Jacob says:

    Police are not exempt from the bill.

  3. Matt Walker says:

    Wow, that would be a first. The politicians usually put the Federal Agency/LEO exemption clause on every piece of anti 2nd amendment legislation just to placate and neutralize that particular voting block. I seriously doubt that the law will proceed in it’s present form, that is to say, without the standard fed/local cop exemption.