Mass GOP Chair Condemns New Gun Control Proposals

It’s good to see that the Republican Party in Massachusetts still hasn’t abandoned gun owners. The New Jersey GOP has for a while. I think their last chairman recognized the problem, but I’m not sure the party is moving far enough, fast enough. I don’t expect much from Governor Christie, as he has much bigger fish to fry at this point, unfortunately.

One Response to “Mass GOP Chair Condemns New Gun Control Proposals”

  1. Ian Argent says:

    Dunno – a lot of the really onerous purchase requirements could be gone with a justification of saving money. The state loses quite a bit of money on the permit process since the fees are set by statute in ’68 dollars – I can’t imagine they come close to covering cost. Dump it on NICS and save the dough.

    This has been proposed as part of a package to make NJ shall-issue, which doomed it. But simply dumping the pistol permit system in favor of a straight-up NICS (well, NJ SP POC check, I think. The FFL calls the staties who then run NICS) would make an INCREDIBLE difference for new gun owners (and the FFLs who sell to them). And while the shall-issue won’t fly without action from SCOTUS, dropping the antiquated permit system on the grounds of cost savings might