Mass GOP Chair Condemns New Gun Control Proposals

It’s good to see that the Republican Party in Massachusetts still hasn’t abandoned gun owners. The New Jersey GOP has for a while. I think their last chairman recognized the problem, but I’m not sure the party is moving far enough, fast enough. I don’t expect much from Governor Christie, as he has much bigger fish to fry at this point, unfortunately.

One thought on “Mass GOP Chair Condemns New Gun Control Proposals”

  1. Dunno – a lot of the really onerous purchase requirements could be gone with a justification of saving money. The state loses quite a bit of money on the permit process since the fees are set by statute in ’68 dollars – I can’t imagine they come close to covering cost. Dump it on NICS and save the dough.

    This has been proposed as part of a package to make NJ shall-issue, which doomed it. But simply dumping the pistol permit system in favor of a straight-up NICS (well, NJ SP POC check, I think. The FFL calls the staties who then run NICS) would make an INCREDIBLE difference for new gun owners (and the FFLs who sell to them). And while the shall-issue won’t fly without action from SCOTUS, dropping the antiquated permit system on the grounds of cost savings might

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