Updated Post from FRC VP Tom McClusky

Yesterday I commented on a post by Family Research Council’s Vice President of Government Relations, which claimed that GOProud viewed national reciprocity for concealed carry license as a gay rights issue, implying it was part of the gay agenda to get gay marriage. Quite a leap I thought. Now they’ve issued a correction to their post, and update I would note that conveniently changes the URL of the post:

GOProud’s position on gun control we confused with a statement on Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Miss.), so we corrected that – the rest of the facts below speak for themselves.  As for FRC being “against the Second Amendment.,  that claim could only be done in total ignorance.

For not being a second amendment group we have done more for those rights than any homosexual group can claim, including filing an amicus brief earlier this year in McDonald v. Chicago.  In fact with our opposition to the DISCLOSE Act we are doing more for the Second Amendment by defending the First Amendment then arguably the NRA is (just ask Gun Owners of America!)  Additionally, I personally, ever since they repealed the Eighteenth Amendment, am a huge fan of the whole U.S. Constitution from the first word to the last period – and will defend it from liberal activist judges who seek to misuse it to either redefine marriage or take away our right to bear arms.  Grover and his friends aren’t able to say that.

Wow.. so FRC is now claiming they’re doing more for the Second Amendment than NRA? They seem to have forgotten the first rule of Public Relations, “When one finds oneself in a hole, the first step is to stop digging.” For one, I’m pretty sure the folks over at NRA know Claire McCaskill is a Senator from Missouri, and not Mississippi. For two, it would seem FRC hasn’t been reading the same chess board I am.

I am glad that FRC has clarified its position on the Second Amendment, and I certainly do appreciate their support on our issue. But I still want to be sure that FRC is clear on the Right to Bear Arms being the birthright of all Americans, whether black, white, gay or straight. Comfortable with that? If that’s the case, we have no problem then.

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  1. I giggle at the idea of these bigoted asshats, who are implacably hostile to the idea that the Equal Protection Clause extends to protect GLBT citizens from discrimination by their government, being “huge fan[s] of the whole U.S. Constitution from the first word to the last period.”

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