What the Left is Saying About the DISCLOSE Deal

From the lefty blog Balloon Juice:

And not surprisingly, [Red State] have it completely bass-ackwards. The NRA hasn’t sold out to Democrats, Democrats have sold out to the NRA. Democrats so rarely stand up to the NRA anymore that it is astonishing news when they do, and even then by the slightest of margins.

Now just imagine if the Democrats felt the need to sell out to other groups that defended other parts of the Bill of Rights of the US Constitution? Say what you will about how NRA does things, but it works.

5 thoughts on “What the Left is Saying About the DISCLOSE Deal”

  1. Yes. Exactly the point. Look for Dems making loopholes for other groups as powerful and as threatening to them as the NRA. If there are any.

  2. This is only proof that 4 million + members get things paid attention to. It is the oldest and largest civil rights org.
    The Masons know how this works….

  3. Another deal with the devil. When the devil compromises always be suspect.

  4. You’re right! The NRA appears very effective at getting Congress to ban everybody else’s political speech on the issue of the Second Amendment.

    The question is whether we–as a free people–agree with the NRA’s goal.

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