Light Blogging Yesterday

Sorry for the light blogging yesterday, but my schedule got really screwed up by a morning overturned trash truck on the PA Turnpike. They closed the westbound direction, and diverted everyone eastbound. That created a horrible traffic jam, as the next eastbound exit is not normally heavily trafficked. I can normally get to work in 40 minutes. It took me more than two hours. I reserve a little bit of time each morning to throw up posts, and that got eaten up by the mess. Combine that with a club meeting in the evening, and I am recording secretary so I have to be there to record, and I just had no time for it. When you pack your schedule up like that, losing even an hour has bad consequences for the day.

In addition to that, I’ve been working on putting together a new machine for X-Plane. Currently I do X-Plane on the same Linux box that hosts the blogs. You guys probably don’t notice me, but I sure as hell notice you when I’m in the virtual skies. I’m asking that box to do too much running a graphic intense OpenGL and CPU hogging app, along with all the Apache and MySQL instances. We have four cores and 8 gigs of RAM on this box, so it doesn’t cause it to screech to a halt, but it slows me down. In addition to that, Linux users are third rate citizens in the X-Plane world. MacOS is the primary platform it runs on. But Macs high end enough to run X-Plane are expensive, and I just love Apple too much to consider running MacOS on a PC. I would never do that to Steve. Never. I’ll just have suffer through flying the new Version 4 Virtual 737s on the inferior platform. BTW, I highly encourage checking out the demo video for the x737 project. These guys do excellent and detailed work. There’s a lot of hidden craftsmanship in putting together these planes.

2 thoughts on “Light Blogging Yesterday”

  1. Okay, now I have to check out the free demo for X-Plane. A flight sim that runs natively in Linux would be great! I normally run Linux, and have to reboot for any Windows games.

    How does it compare to M$ Flight Simulator X? I can buy that for about the same price at Best Buy, but if this is comparable and can run in Winblows and Linux that would be better.

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