The Elite Dither

That pilots should be allowed to have firearms in the cockpit of the planes they capatain shouldn’t even be controversial, but in addition to our federal government not being able to get their act together in this regard by applying dangerous and stupid regulation on the act, we have pants shitters like this:

Not everyone is comfortable with pilots wearing guns. Kate Hanni, executive director for the Coalition for an Airline Passenger Bill of Rights, said she opposes having a gun in the cockpit. If there must be one, she said, it shouldn’t be on the pilot’s body during flight, but rather within reach in case of a threat.

“The pilots have so much to focus on to keep the plane in the air,” she said.

Maybe I’ve completely lost my mind here, but I’m pretty sure that shooting terrorists attempting to hijack a plane is directly related to keep their plane in the air.  If you’re going to disarm ordinary people for the duration of the flight, I feel a lot better knowing my flight crew is packing.

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  1. Isn’t it funny that a handgun with ~15 rounds of ammunition is too much responsibility for a pilot charged with keeping 350 tons and 300 people safely flying in the air at 500 miles per hour?

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