Campus Carry Reform Passed in South Carolina

People with concealed carry licenses will be permitted to carry in vehicles on school and college campuses.  Not quite campus carry, but some progress.

3 Responses to “Campus Carry Reform Passed in South Carolina”

  1. teke175 says:

    Congratulations and applause are in order.

    I just wish that our illustrious leaders here in Texas would have shown a pair and forced our bill to come up for a vote instead of let it get berried by the caledar committee. What a croc.

  2. TheGunGeek says:

    Well, it only kind of allows “carry in vehicles”. As the linked article points out you can have a gun in the car, but it has to be in the glove compartment, trunk, or console. If I go onto school property (to pick up my son, for instance) I will still have to take my gun out of its happy home and put it in one of these places.

    In my current vehicle, that means the glove compartment, since it has no console and it’s really impractical to get to the “trunk” as it’s legally defined. Especially if I try to put it in the trunk after I get onto school property. Actually, in any of the locations where you choose to store it, you would still have to put it there prior to entering the school property.

  3. JJR says:

    Count me in as another Texan who was deeply disappointed our campus carry bill never came up for a vote this session. Now I have to keep going to work disarmed by the state.