Pocono Record Fast Becoming Most Loathed Paper

Maybe it’s all the people moving there from New Jersey and New York, but the Pocono Record is fast becoming the most biased paper, with absolutely the worst reporting on guns of any paper in the state. They might as well work out of New York City for as awful as their attitude is towards the shooting sports and gun owners in general.

Take a look at this story about the State Game Commission opening a new range and closing an old one, which the Record turns into a story about terrorists training to use guns.

One thought on “Pocono Record Fast Becoming Most Loathed Paper”

  1. I can remember the days back when the Poconos overall were quite gunner and hunter friendly, and the Pocono Record was not such a libtard fish-wrap. The influx of all those fence jumpers from New Jersey and New York settling in the Poconos is precisely what has changed this over the last fifteen or twenty years. It’s a good thing that I no longer subscribe to the Pocono Record any more – I just read it online for free now.

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