It’s Wyatt Palooza Day!

Today is the Philly blog meet known as Wyatt Palooza, which will naturally mean several fruity drinks at Cheeseburger in Paradise. I’m not really much of a fruity drink person, but I will at least have a Mojito in the spirit of the place. When it comes to drinks, I tend to like ones with more booze than sugar. The Mojito, done right, is a good drink. It’s hard to find a place that doesn’t under booze and over sugar, however.

Margaritas done properly, using Cointreau rather than Triple Sec, are also an entirely acceptable drink for spring and summer. Done right means not frozen. A good margarita has too much booze in it to freeze properly. Last weekend Bitter and I made mint juleps, which I also find to be an entirely acceptable and thoroughly alcoholic drink, despite the presence of sugar. Appletinis, or various other martini drinks made with sugar or frozen are blasphemous, and not martinis. You can’t take a chick drink, put it in an martini glass, and call it a martini. A proper martini is a liquor drink with only gin and vermouth. The only acceptable fruit in a martini is a lemon peel. Vodka is also acceptable if you don’t like gin. I’m neutral on the matter of olives vs. lemon peels.

Now that I’ve had my rant about fruity drinks vs. proper drinks, it is time to go prepare for the Palooza!

UPDATE: And who could forget this classic, thinking about Cheeseburger in Paradise:


12 thoughts on “It’s Wyatt Palooza Day!”

  1. I am a master Mojitosmith and Margaritasmith. In the latter, try Curacao as a cheaper alternative to the Cointreau and you get a really neat color as a bonus. I tend to shake mine and serve them neat in a martini glass. On the mojitos, I take an unconventional approach and use a mortar and pestal on the mint leaves instead of screwing around trying to mull it in the glass. Also, try some bitters in your next mojito. Seriously, it totally changes the character. I don’t do it often, only when I want a little variety.

  2. It would help prevent the blasphemers from calling their fru-fru cocktails martinis to use the correct terminology for the glassware. There’s no such thing as a “martini glass”. Martinis are served in a cocktail glass.

  3. And, if you believe my father, the proportions in the Tom Lehrer song (6 parts gin to 1 part vermouth) have much too high a portion of vermouth… (HE just waves the vermouth cork at it).

    Me, I drink fruity drinks proudly. Of course, I’m also wearing a pink shirt as I type this.

  4. I don’t understand this “mixed drink”. As I understand, the only drinks that you put fruit in are Mexican beers. Heathens!

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