Boned by Bonefish Grill

Glenn Reynolds has a picture of a sign outside a Bonefish Grill in Tennessee.  That’s interesting, because we have several around here, and I’ve not seen any signs outside of them.  I should note that Bonefish is operated by OSI Restaurant Partners, which also owns Carrabba’s Italian Grill, Cheeseburger in Paradise, and Outback Steakhouses.

I’ve never seen any one of those restaurants posted here, or anywhere else.

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  1. Is that sign legally sufficient and compliant with state law?

    At any rate, I’ve sent an email to them telling them what I think of their denying me my civil rights.

  2. .
    Outback gets a lot of our money. If this is a corporate policy, they’ve lost a customer for life — and a chunk of “Change”.

  3. I sent them an E mail as well. No threat to even stop using their restaurants. Did point our to them that they should not interfere with my right to self defense and in States where it is legal to carry concealed it might place them in jeopardy of a law suit for damages, as the sign explicitly leaves them responsible for my safety. Also pointed out Goblins would ignore their sign (possibly view as an invitation) Even pointed out that I, for one, would also ignore their sign. Gave them my E mail, home address, and phone #. If I hear from them I will let you Know

  4. While I respect the rights of restaurants to restrict firearms in their establishments, it is my policy that my money is not allowed in their restaurants.

  5. If the sign is not sufficient under TN law to bar concealed carry, go ahead and carry.

    My bank in TX does the same thing. They have a decal of a little red circle & bar over a handgun on their front window. It means nothing legally, but must make the hoplophobes feeeeel better about themselves. I’ve asked the manager about it, explaining that it is meaningless as far as my carrying legally, and she said the facilities manager insisted it stay up, despite being told it is meaningless….

    So carry on in, have a good meal, and don’t startle the sheep.

  6. Taco Mac has no signage in the windows, but one posted at the hostess desk. The funny thing is, the language specifically listed *concealed* weapons, leaving open carry…well.. open.

    Since I’m usually going for a beer and not carrying anyway, I don’t seem to be running afoul of it. Other times, I just eat my nachos and not let the grip hang out.

  7. It’s all a bit foreign to me, because Pennsylvania has no regulations regarding alcohol and concealed carry, short of if you do something really irresponsible the Sheriff has discretion to pull your LTC. But generally speaking no one is going to complain if you have a beer or two with dinner.

  8. Local decsion probably due to the media news about the bill and trying to reassure patrons.

    A lot of these restaurants are in NE areas where the carry in restaurant is not an issue either because no one does it ( as far as they, know CCW beiing concealed) or not allowed.

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