Arlen Specter Runs on the Past

Apparently, Arlen Specter’s vision for the future of Pennsylvania includes lots of unemployed union guys drawing government checks and no modern skills. At least, that’s what you gather from his first commercial.

The company Specter highlights went into bankruptcy nearly a decade ago. It was dissolved shortly thereafter. According to Wikipedia, the company operated with substantial losses from 1982 on, with a one year exception in 1988. Their high point was in the 1950s.

Perhaps Specter wants to make Bethlehem Steel a symbol of his career. It’s high point was decades ago, and he’s been operating as the Senator everyone on both sides of the aisle loves to hate. Only this year, we have a better choice to replace him. So, Senator Specter, you can join those men in your commercial in the unemployment line come January. Although, with a little luck and some serious action by the GOP, hopefully we can turn things around to the point where the four of you can find some job training in a new field and you won’t be out of work for long.

3 thoughts on “Arlen Specter Runs on the Past”

  1. I’m sure the Senator had plenty to do with the intrusive regulations and highest corporate tax rates in the world that make PA such a hostile environment for business… But the solution is obviously putting more people on the dole with borrowed money.

  2. All we needed was one good solid candidate and his time was up. NOW is that time. He fails to recognize that he is a major laughing stock in most circles. He has absolutely no shame.

    Bye bye, Arlen!

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