It’s Not That I Have Much Faith in the GOP

Some folks seem to be skeptical of the notion that the GOP will roll back ObamaCare. I’m skeptical too, because they’ve shown little inclination to dismantle federal leviathan when they were in power. But why does it have to be that way? I don’t think this is like the seasons, the tides, and the waxing and waning of the moon. Big government is not a force of nature. If the people really decide they are sick of it, it can be changed. It won’t be quick, and it definitely won’t be pretty, but it’s not impossible.

And to be honest, change will come at one point or another. Right now we’re faced with a choice — big government gets rolled back because the people are sick of it and demand it be rolled back or big government gets rolled back because the government finds itself unable to borrow any more money, unable to squeeze any more money out of taxpayers, and unable to meet its obligations. I fear that the latter is the type of change we’ll get, but the former is not out of the realm of possibility. I will work to try to make the former a reality, since the latter will be a disaster for this country. The latter is essentially the United States becoming bankrupt.

I don’t think we can really win this by putting all our eggs in the GOP basket. We have to hold both parties accountable to liberty. But there are positive developments out there that I think could make a big difference. The first is this National Precinct Activist Movement. It’s pretty simple idea:

MOST PEOPLE ASSUME that they get to choose their party candidate who runs for office by voting in the primaries. Have you ever wondered who chooses the candidates that run in the primaries? And who decides the requirements of those candidates!

THE CANDIDATES ARE CHOSEN by the special interest groups who in return will do their will for campaign money and then the party bosses dictate to the precinct committeemen who the party is going to support in return for political favors. So, you see before you even get to vote in the primaries the fix is already in and since both parties are corrupt the special interests groups don’t care which party wins.

EACH OF THE 3141 US COUNTIES have an average of 160 committeemen seats, of those seats one third to one half are vacant, of the occupied seats many are appointed. The appointed committeemen have no vote and most of the remaining voting committeemen are influenced by favors from the party bosses.

TO BECOME A COMMITTEEMAN you need only to get about 5 to 10 signatures on your petition from the people in your voting district. Because of the many vacancies and appointments most seats will be won unopposed. If you are challenged then your name will appear on the ballot in the primaries and the candidate with the most votes will win. Because we are more highly motivated we should win majority of the challenged seats.

IF WE SEEK OUT PEOPLE in the tea parties and all the liberty meetup groups we can easily find 160 people to become committeemen in each of the 3141 US counties. And then “We the People” get to decide who the candidates will be and not the corrupt party bosses and special interest groups.

This could have a huge impact if people who love liberty get involved with this. I’m already watching this play out in my district, as the GOP establishment gets behind their favorite squishy son, Mike Fitzpatrick, who’s exactly he kind of maverick you love to hate. The Tea Party groups here, who are organized and understand this game well, are getting behind a fiery new candidate known as Gloria Carlineo. I will back Fitz in the general election if he comes out ahead in the primary, but I’m backing Carlineo for now.

The reason the Republicans have never taken to dismantling the federal leviathan is because the people have not demanded it. There’s a lot of anger out there now, and not just in my district. Anger that wasn’t present when the New Deal and Great Society were passed. In my lifetime I’ve never seen anything like this. Maybe it goes nowhere, and the United States ends up flooring the accelerator off the cliff of bankruptcy, but maybe this anger is more permanent and enduring, and maybe it can be used to avoid a national disaster. It seems to me liberty loving people might finally be to the point where we’ve had enough. Given that, I’m certainly willing to ride this train and see where it takes us.

UPDATE: More along similar lines here, via Instapundit

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