Locking Up Straw Purchasers

While  leading Democratic candidates for Governor in Pennsylvania are busy with the same old tired solutions to gun violence, namely passing more laws that restrict the law abiding, Tom Corbett is actually out there locking up straw purchasers using the laws we already have. We support Attorney General Corbett in this effort, and believe this is the way you fight straw purchasing.

3 thoughts on “Locking Up Straw Purchasers”

  1. I read one of the reports from Onorato’s “plan for safe communities” (i.e. gun control report) release, and when questioned about whether he supported Corbett’s efforts to lock up straw purchasers, Onorato refused to discuss it as a crime fighting tool and said the only focus should be on his plan and no other suggested solutions.

  2. Good work!

    I think theses 35 arrests will do much more to reduce gun possession by felons than anything MAIG has ever done. (or ever will do)

    Observation #1: MAIG’s efforts to use private detectives to suborn people into making illegal gun sales actually interfere with investigations like Corbett’s, which actually result in prison sentences, not press releases.

    Observation #2: In New Jersey, during the legislature’s work on a bill to limit gun purchases to one a month, a supervisory ATF agent testified that changing the law would actually make it more difficult to spot straw purchasers. He said that the current law, requiring reports from dealers to the ATF of multiple gun sales, was a very valuable investigative tool for spotting straw purchasers. The bill under consideration would end that reporting, and thus eliminate that tool, and he wanted legislators to be aware of it. He testified that gun traffickers would simply change tactics and recruit more straw-buyers. The net result would be a reduction in investigations of gun trafficking, rather than an increase. I believe NJ did not enact one-gun-a-month (not sure).

    I wonder if any of those multiple-gun sales reports were used in these 35 arrests?

  3. I believe NJ did not enact one-gun-a-month (not sure).

    Oh, we enacted it. In a form that so far overreached its stated intent that it effectively banned the trade in handguns completely. We had a followup round of “exceptions” added to it to fix the issue.

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