So the other day I highlighted a candidate for Congress who doesn’t have a chance. Then I pondered why Bob Brady wanted her off the ballot – I assumed it was because his ego was too fat to allow anyone else on it.

In all of that, I assumed her campaign didn’t have much money. Well, I still think that political reality shows this is an more than an uphill battle for Pia – more like climbing the Alps – but I was wrong about the resources in her attempt at a PR coup. She has full page ads in both Philadelphia papers today. They stop you in your tracks, and they get right to heart of matter – “Hate Philly Politics?”

Damn straight, people do hate it. And clearly enough people hate it to help her buy some these ads. And hopefully these ads will lead to more volunteers and votes.

3 thoughts on “*Sheepish*”

  1. If she doesn’t have a chance you should seriously think about getting the hell out of there. The video rocks.

    Here’s hoping she blows the old F***sticks right out of the water.

  2. It’s a great ad. The one I saw in the newspaper was too. She’s an attractive woman. I see that, and I want to read more about the attractive woman staring at me in the newspaper.

  3. Old Fart, winning campaigns is about more than making a good video.

    Like I said in my initial post, I like the attitude I pick up from her campaign. She’s trying to pull off more of a PR campaign that happens to resonate. If she just does better than other Republicans, she’s figured something out. It’s okay if she doesn’t win, but still manages to find something that hits with just a few extra Philly voters. Because if it can convert a few Philly voters, it can convert thousands of normal voters. In fact, providing her techniques get at least some results, I want to see the GOP hire this girl, help her fine tune a few areas, but more than that, listen to her ideas about communicating to pissed off people. Because she seems to be very good at that, and the GOP sure as hell isn’t lighting fires under anyone right now.

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