NRA Board Member First Candidate on TV

According to Hotline, the two top candidates in the GOP primary for Arizona governor are bickering about web ads. Meanwhile, the longshot campaign of NRA Board member Buz Mills has just gone on television with his first ad.


One of the interesting observations: He has a mobile campaign. I read something the other day about campaigns using mobile campaigns that suggested they go ahead and lay out the big cash to buy their own “text to” number. Apparently, you can basically rent a word that uses the same text number as many other campaigns.

For Buz, that word is GOBUZ. However, it turns out he is far from the only one using the same number. For example, if you’re in Lake Charles, Louisiana, you can use the same number and text CASA for free queso dip or margarita at this joint. If you’re a golfer who loves wine, you may want to check out the 19th hole event text that could have gotten you special information about a golf event that, presumably, involves wine. If you want to see a biotech shop kiss ass to environmentalists, just use BIOTECH. Taste of Dallas will hook you up if you use the same number with the word TASTE.

Fortunately, it looks like there’s not any craziness sharing the same number as Buz’s campaign. But, you can see how this could get funny for any candidate.