Obama on Wealth Redistribution

From a 2008 video:


Obama’s election will be a game changer.  We’re a week from the election.  Please, get involved.  If we don’t stop this terrible thing here, there will be no stopping it.  The McCain and various other pro-gun campaigns will be looking for people for their 72 hour efforts in order to get the vote out.  That’s going to be critical for us.  Please give them a call.  If you have a hard time getting in contact with someone, let me know.  I can point you in the right direction.

3 thoughts on “Obama on Wealth Redistribution”

  1. I’m voting McCain, and volunteering for his campaign.

    With that said, I’m not sure that McCain will be able to pull this one out of the fire. His selection of Palin has been enough to keep his campaign viable, but he is fighting against the tide here.

    For what it’s worth, I think that the bulk of the American electorate is simply “cool” with Marxism. It seems evident that the terms “socialist”, “Marxist”, “Communist”, etc., are simply no longer perojatives. When Obama talks about wealth re-distribution, enough of our fellow Americans nod their heads and think such measures are fair. When Obama talks about the “flaws” in the Constitution that stand in the way of “political and economic justice”, he’s simply summarizing what most of the electorate has learned in the schools. In other words, to you and me, his comments are controversial, but to far too many people, his comments are pretty much common sense.

    Even if McCain wins this election, we cannot but accept the reality that a momentous shift (long in the making) has been effected in this country. Two nations currently live side-by-side: one socialist in outlook and expectations, and one (small “r”) republican in philosophy and predilection. No amount of feel-good rhetoric will salvage such a deep fault in the electorate. We have not been this equally divided since the 1850s and the prelude to the Civil War.

    In my view, the ultimate choices (whatever happens on Nov. 4 of this year) are few. One option involves a steady process culminating in a fully Socialist America, begun (but not finished) by an Obama presidency. A second option is a full-fledged civil war, with the victor exterminating or exiling the vanquished. Finally, we might see a peaceful dissolution of the Union, with both sides going their separate ways. Returning power to the people, turning back the clock to a more republican America while keeping the Union together, is no longer possible: too many of us have been alienated from the principles of republicanism and personal responsibility that animated our Founding Fathers.

    To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, we are about to lose the Republic bequeated to us by our forebears.


  2. I’m voting McCain, and volunteering for his campaign.

    Thank you! I am worried too, but we have to fight like we can win. And I honestly do think we can win. Don’t be too pessimistic. America is still a right-of-center country. The only reason Obama has gotten as far as he has is because the media is in the tank for him, and won’t tell America about the man they intend to elect president. Obama’s come off very well as a moderate in the debates. Those who know his past know he’s anything but a moderate, but it’s hard getting that message out when the press is playing along with promoting Obama the moderate.

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